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    how can I put a check out in a web page?


      Im trying to validate a credit card and send money from a credit card to another credit card.


      Now, I know there are a few examples of validating a credit card, but what about transfering money?


      Any help is appresiated. Thanks.

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          Michael Borbor Level 4

          You can use a CreditCardValidator, but the whole payment and transaction

          handling is quite daunting, I'll suggest you to use PayPal for that.

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            Steve Sommers Level 4

            Validation is very easy, both server side and client side. Check the ColdFusion Exchange section for "credit card validation" -- you should find several server side tags. You can Google "credit card javascript validation" and find many client side methods.


            Now for the second part of your question, transferring money from one card to another: This is forbidden in the credit card regulations and most likely illegal due to various money laundering laws. You can move money from a credit card to a merchant account to pay for goods or services, but you can't move it from credit card to credit card.


            Now you can have a credit card linked to your merchant account (actually a debit card) -- but you need a merchant account.