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    Basic camcorder with CS4: Suggestions?

    Matt Petersen Level 3

      My school runs a significant stock of camcorder kits for loaning to students. we've been using the trusty (and cheap) Canon MD225 till now.


      The time has come for me to add more cameras, but I was dismayed to find that the MD225 has been discontinued in favour of tapeless cameras.


      The most suitable replacement it seems is the Legria FS200, which has the requisite Mic In and Headphone Out sockets (the students are studying Journalism & Communication). However, it records MPEG2 footage, file extension .MOD. I went down to the shop and took some test footage on my SD card. I can't seem to import this footage into the TRIAL version of PP CS4 I have downloaded (my school is currently all on CS3).


      Question 1: is the fact I can't use this footage a limitation of the trial, and resolved when I purchase/upgrade?


      Question 2: does anyone have any suggestions as to suitable alternative basic/cheap camcorders with known compatability to CS4? I used the "compatability checker" but it just lists a few Canon and Sony HD models.


      kind regards


      Matthew P