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    Robohelp Office 2000 CD


      I'm new to these forums, so be patient with me if I post in the wrong section or anything, but I'm a bit desperate.


      We own Robohelp Office 2000, I have the original CD with serial number right in front of me.

      But the disc is very old and time has left it's mark on it. And now it cannot be read anymore.

      We only noticed this now because we had to reinstall a PC that had the application on it.

      After the reinstall we tried to use the CD but alas, no go.


      I contacted Adobe support but they cant provide media that goes back that far.

      So here is my reach out to the world, does anyone still have a working CD of Robohelp Office 2000?

      And can we work something out with regards of shipping it over, or sharing the files with me/whatever?


      I DONT need a serial number, this is not a call for piracy. I have a valid, payed for, copy of the application.

      But only the media stopped working. And I need a way to get the application reinstalled.


      If anyone can help us out we would appreciate it dearly!

      I have an old application that makes use of this particular Robohelp version,

      so an upgrade is not possible for us at this moment.





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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi Bjorn and welcome to the RH community.


          Just in case you get no takers for the CD, you could download the RH8 trial version. It is a fully working version and would allow you to get the edits made. It would upgrade your project code and you wouldn't be able to go back. Also I'm not sure anyone has tested exhaustively upgrading a project created with a project whose source files are created in such an old version, but it could be an option for you.


          Read the RoboColum(n) for mutterings on RoboHelp, Technical Communication Suite and technical communication.

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            Bjornbeest Level 1

            Hey Colum,


            Thanks for your answer. I already downloaded the trial version and tested the results upon upgrading.

            Alas this will not help us out since the upgrade broke the old application.


            We know we should upgrade/fix the old application, but there is no time at the moment ;-)

            In the near future we will be replacing the old (vb6 still) application with a VB.NET one and then the problems will be over.

            But for now I really need the old version.


            Thanks for thinking with us, I appreciate it!


            I hope someone comes up with a dusty, yet working, CD. I know it's a very slim chance, but I dont have a choice.




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              Bjornbeest Level 1

              At least one hero still walks this earth. My problem is solved! Thanks to all that participated.

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                Hi, Bjorn


                While searching in vain for help in locating Robo Office 2000 CD media I chanced upon your Adobe Forum post last June 2009. My situation (PC's hard drive is corrupted) is somewhat similiar to yours except I can't find my  Robo Office 2000 CDs but have a valid license and serial number.


                I own RoboHelp 8 and have attempted to import legacy Robo 2000 Word files with NO measurable success. I'd rather avoid the frustrationand wasted time and stay with Robo 2000.


                Like you, I hope someone out there on the planet can come up with a dusty, working, CD that can help me out of my desparate situation.


                Thanks in advance for any asistance you can provide in this matter.



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                  Bjornbeest Level 1

                  Hey Rob,


                  I understand what you are going through. I was lucky enough to get

                  some help from another user, and I remember how I felt before and

                  after. So allow me to extend the same service for you


                  If you can send me a regular mail to this address

                  (bjorn.ramakers@gmail.com) I will reply to you tomorrow when I'm at

                  the office and I think I'll be able to help you out.