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    Split files

    Carlo Fontanesi Level 1

      Hi, I'm new in InDesign scripting...

      can you please give me some tips for a script to split a big indesign file into n little InDesign files?

      for example: I have a 100-pages file and I want 20 5-pages files...

      Is it difficult to write?

      Thank you!

      (may be I'll need a script to put together again... )

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          Peter Kahrel Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          Which vewrsion of InDesign do you use? The following recipe works in CS3 and later:


          1. open your 100-page document

          2. create new document

          3. duplicate pages 1-5 to new document

          4. save and close new document


          Repeat steps 2-4 19 times duplicating pp. 6-10 in the second step, etc.