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    Output Module Settings for QT?


      I am trying to set the output module in AE CS3 for HD in Quicktime but cannot find any combination of settings to make the final movie come out as HD.  Details, original footage *.m2t (1440 X 1080 p30).  The render seetings are Best Settings using the defaults.  In the output module, I select format as QT Movie, video output as default which is compression DV/DVCPRO-NTSC, progressive, 16:9.  I get the same results if stretch is checked off or on.  If off, it comes up 1440 X 1080 custom, lock aspect ratio to 4:3.  If on, I have tried HDV 1080 29.97 which changes nothing, and HDTV 1080 29.97.  I note that the later does change the module to 1920 X 1080 lock aspect ratio to 16:9.  IN EVERY CASE, the QT movie comes out as a 4:3.  When played in the QT Pro player is it 4:3. When reinput to AE it is 4:3.  When a single frame is saved and opened in photoshop, the canvas size is 16:9 but only partially filled with a 4:3 image (i.e., it has  white columns on the sides).  So is there anyway (or set of settings) that will give me a genuine, 16 X 9 movie that I can use in QT.  I note that I have no trouble getting exactly the right output when I set it for *.avi.  Help...Thanks, dale

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There about a zillion combination of HD. The problem is that most codecs don't have a PAR tag. Many that do don't support HD frame sizes.


          The frame size and PAR are in the composition settings, not in the output module. If you're using a DV codec the codec limits the output to 720 pixels wide. If you want to output HD then setup a comp using one of the standard presets, set your render settings to best quality and full resolution, then set the output module to use an appropriate codec for HD by setting the format options. If you're comp is setup for non square pixels (like one of the HDV presets) then you can either drop that comp inside a standard square pixel HD comp for rendering to square pixels or stretch the output in the Render settings. I personally prefer setting up a sq pixel comp,.


          It would also help me to answer your question correctly if I knew exactly what you were trying to do with the QT movies your rendering. The last HD project I delivered was rendered to 5 different codecs in 10 different frame sizes for broadcast, the web, SD TV, Iphone, podcast, and powerpoint presentations.

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            dale0007 Level 1

            Thanks Rick, I understand your ideas.  My ultimate goal is personal

            entertainment using BD disks and my HD TV.  Eventually, possibly entering

            amateur contests such as sponsored by Videomaker Mag or Muvipix.com.  The

            reason I'm pursuing QT is simply there is no better way to learn than to

            work a problem until it is solved.  I am using AE CS3 to implement visual

            effects vignettes which is where my real interest lies.  To get to BD, I use

            Adobe PE4 as my NLE which is more than adequate.  In so far as I know, AE

            and PE work equally well with avi as with QT so I'm OK.  On the other hand,

            I also use PS CS2 which is married with Image Ready which seems to prefer

            QT.  PS is great to roto with it's many tools.  I realize the new PS has

            incorporated the Image Ready functionality and Image Ready is no longer

            supported.  Nonetheless, It's what I will have for the foreseeable future.

            If worse comes to worse, I can always use AE (or PE) to output a sequence of

            stills that can be imported into Image Ready and then shifted to PS for

            work.  If I had QT available, QT Pro outputs image sequences more quickly.

            Image Ready, however, only outputs QT as footage.  Dale