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    ACR 5.4 and Elements


      I wonder why we users of Elements are being treated as second class citizens and are not allowed the pre-release use of ACR 5.4?  I find that the Olympus software supplied with my new DSLR is usable, but only just, and I want to get back to the convenience of RAW within Elements.  I do wonder when ACR 5.4 will be released for us proles.  Does anyone know?

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          JimHess-8IPblY Level 3

          Unfortunately, anyone who does know has signed a nondisclosure agreement.  So you are going to have to find out when the rest of us do.

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            rasworth Level 1

            Install and use the 5.4 DNG converter until full ACR release?  I assume Elements will read dng's.


            Richard Southworth

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              Jeff Schewe Level 5

              nalamot wrote:


              I wonder why we users of Elements are being treated as second class citizens and are not allowed the pre-release use of ACR 5.4?


              Is that a rhetorical question? Considering that Elements is the reduced cost version of Photoshop and CS4 (and Extended) is the pro version, I wonder why you even have to ask. Personally I suspect it was because Adobe wanted to have Photoshop users test it prior to general broad release (and the fact the installer for Elements would have complicated the release process).


              And you can wonder all ya want about when the final release will be but the odds of somebody from Adobe actually saying in advance isn't great. You'll get it when you get it...

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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You really only need to copy the .8bi file into the right place to get Elements to work, but the RC executable only runs if CS4 is installed.  It seems like Labs could have easily supplied a .ZIP of just the .8bi file for Elements users, but they didn't.


                If you're really wanted to get to the RC .8bi file, then you could theoretically download and install the trial version of CS4 Extended and then run the ACR RC updater on that--which would hopefully work, and then find the .8bi file and copy it over to the proper Elements folder.  Of course then you have to worry about getting Photoshop, itself, off your system, completely, and it might be best to also reinstall PSE, again, just so the file-associations would be pointing to it, in case PS stole some of them.  Or if you have a friend that has Photoshop CS4 installed, have them install the ACR RC and copy the file from them.

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                  Actually, ARC 5.4 will work with Elements 7. See the Elements forum and this post:  http://forums.adobe.com/thread/445249?tstart=0

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                    nalamot Level 1

                    Thanks [ssprengel] for the interesting idea of a trial download of CS4, but I would worry about getting all the Photoshop files off the computer after I had got the one necessary file! I know it should work in theory, but I am not all that competent when things go wrong. I also realise that there is a measure of impatience on my part, since the full ACR5.4 will eventually appear. Thanks to other people who have responded.  In part you confirm some of my suspicions, but then I am naturally paranoid!

                    I will follow up your suggestion, INikon, and pass on the results in due course

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                      nalamot Level 1

                      iNikon;  you are a star, or, I believe, the current phrase is:  'you are a legend'.  Your help to direct me to the right place was excellent, and it all works perfectly in Elements 7.  You can probably tell by my response that I am really delighted.

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                        iNikon Level 1

                        Thanks for your kind comments. Glad I could help. Cheers!