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    Export of stills and titles makes fades/dissolvers "stutter"

    peru_turner Level 1


      I have edited a piece in HD including video footage, but mainly with still photographs and text through the Premiere Titler. When I try to export this to an avi-file all the parts with a) keyframe animations of still photographs have black strips in them and b) dissolve-to-black or fade-to-black seem to stutter so that the smooth transition i've got in the editing space doesn't come out. I'm pretty new to this type of editing so I would like some help on what my best standard settings for export to a video format in HD-resolution should be - I don't know much about half images, pixel sizes and compression rates, and I know it could be read up in manuals etc. - but I guess if someone can give me a standard set-up it could be much, much quicker.

      Thank you in advance,