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    Exporting Freezing on 'Compressing Quicktime Movie' Bar

    Jon Dawkins

      Hi All,


      Hopefully someone might have an answer or solution to my problem.


      I'm trying to export a large flash animation (1024 x 768 with large images) out of Flash CS3/CS4 but once it gets to the 'Compressing Quicktime Movie' bar it freezes. I've seen similar blog posts/forums out there where people have found the exporting freezes on the 'Recording Flash Content' and 'Building Quicktime Video Tracking' bars but not on the 'Compressing'. Flash itself doesn't crash because I can still cancel the exporting via the 'Stop' button.


      The movie is a very large file size with 30 fps.

      So I tried a trial and error by taking the smallest scene in the animation, which is 10 seconds long:-


      Tried making the animation 10 fps.

      Tried the 'After time elapsed' and 'Store temp data' features.

      I've also tried reducing the compression quality down to as low as it can go.


      (* Note that the animation is all on the main time line and doesn't have movie clips inside movie clips)


      Is there any issues I should be looking out for? (ie. Exporting/compression doesn't work with movie tweens, shape tween, certain fonts or image sizes)

      Thank you in advance for any help or advice.