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    can not sign shell  pdf


      Hi ..

        i have created LCES process which render a pdf using renderPDF service . PDF consist of dynamic table .when i try to sign it, it gives error that " can not sign shell  pdf...... Operation not supported" .Is there any way to solve this.




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          SForrest96 Level 4

          The form (PDF) must be rendered as a "Static" pdf (as opposed to Dynamic PDF). The current version of Digital Signatures ES can only sign static PDF document using the "Sign Signature Field" operation.


          Dynamic PDF can have a "Certifying" signature created using LiveCycle Digital Signatures ES.




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            niraj1223 Level 1

            Thanks Steve for the reply

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              Rui Esteves Level 3

              You can Sign a Dynamic Form if you follow these steps:


              - Render Dynamic form XDP + XML with Forms


              If you template does not have s Signature Field

              - Add Invisible Field with Digital Signatures


              - Sign the Signature Field you want with either Certify or Sign service.


              It works.


              But be aware that Dynamic forms have a bunch of rules, such as not having apearence or values changing javascript, having Javascript run on manual instead of the default automatic, having no event triggered server calls (database connections, Webservice consulting and so on) among others.