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    Problem: Flex and focus() from Javascript




      Here is my problem.

      I have 2 html pages.

      2nd - Flexwindow.html


      opener.html contains a javascript which is similar to this:

      var window2 = window.open("Flexwindow.html", "MyWindow");

      function focuswin()





      focuswin() function called by pressing a button.



      Flexwindow.html contains a flex swf and a java script:


      function setBrowserFocus(){ 




      So basicaly when im starting Opener.Html it will automaticaly run my flexwindow.html in front of Opener.html (opener will be under the flex page) (and this working perfectly).


      The problem that if i will bring opener.html in front by clicking on it, and then will click the button with focuswin(), it will bring back in front my flexwindow.html (thats what i actualy needed) but it WILL AUTOMATICALY REFRESH SWF to it initial state (and thats what i dont need).

      How i can stop refreshing this swf caused by javas focus() function?


      Thank You