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    Separate swfs

    xianxou Level 1

      These swf files can get to be a tad big slowing down the loading time by a great deal. I was wondering if there is anyway to have a parent swf with all the information and then have the individual pages or states load when you click them (instead of all in the beginning)?

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          Kevin Rommen Level 1

          In Catalyst only this isn't possible. Would be a great feature though!


          you could however realize by taking another approach/workflow. If you create business logic in Flash Builder that acts as a container for your components. For smaller components this wouldn't come in handy but for a larger application you could load the first state quickly, and when the user is interacting load your other components.

          - Create different components in Catalyst & Export them,

          - Create Flash Builder project were you can preload the assets with the Loader Class when you need them.