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    [svn:fx-3.x] 7715: Partial fix for SDK-21182.

    Peter Farland Level 3

      Revision: 7715

      Author:   pfarland@adobe.com

      Date:     2009-06-10 08:54:33 -0700 (Wed, 10 Jun 2009)


      Log Message:


      Partial fix for SDK-21182. We now set the default compatibility version to the current version and thus the compatibility version string will no longer be null by default (but would be the current version if no override was set). This also means the compiler now matches the ActionScript FlexVersion class.


      This change does not address the issue of revision/minor/major version fallback in selecting the next most appropriate defaults-x.y.z.css file for any given version.


      Also updated flex-jars eclipse project classpath to reflect recent Batik jar consolidation.


      QE: Yes, please change any negative test cases that were checking for --compatibility-version=3 as this is now valid.

      Doc: No

      Checkintests: Pass

      Reviewer: Paul


      SDK-21182 - Fix logic surrounding compatibility version and SWC default.css selection during PreLink


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          flex/sdk/branches/3.x/modules/compiler/src/java/flex2/compiler/common/MxmlConfiguration.j ava