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    Changing column width dynamically causing vertical lines appearing in Advanced Data Grid

    COKFlex Level 1
      Dear All,

      I am using Advanced Data Grid to dislay series of rows, has 4 columns. My screen resolution is 1024x768.

      I equally distributed the width of the columns to 500. If I tend to change the width dynamically I am getting vertical lines (not the actual vertical lines, since I have set that verticalLines = false).

      Also I am not able to set the width which can fit to the screen size. Some times If I set width as 300 for all the columns made the lines disappear which makes the width value unpredictable.

      below code shows two set of values I passed to the column width. first one is read from the config file using a function and the second one hardcoded to 500.

      I am happy to give the screenshot, but I dont know how to attach here.

      Any help would be appreciated.