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    Questions about PatchPanel

    Kasyan Servetsky Level 5

      A while ago I read a post written by Bob Stucky, in which he mentioned PatchPanel. If my memory serves me right, he was going to completely switch over to it.


      I downloaded it and played with sample projects found in the package. My first impression was that it allowed creating much more attractive interfaces, provided controls that unavailable in Script UI. I also read that, in CS4, it allows of making document panels, but didn't try to do this yet.


      What I didn't like about files created with PP is that they load very slowly in comparison with a script. When I load a sample panel and later try to quit ID, it crashes on quit.


      I have a few questions in this connection:

      Are there any advantages of using PP except the possibility to create a more complex user interface?

      Should I learn a new programming language — Action Script — to use it? Or can I combine existing JS code with interface elements created with PP?


      Can anybody give me a quick start: a step by step instruction of how to create a very simple project in PP for InDesign – e.g. one button interface, when a user clicks the button, an alert pops up showing the name of the active document?

      There is a similar sample project for Photoshop, but I want to do this from scratch and for InDesign.