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    Video encoding failed, audio encoding successful, both worked before


      I have an .AVI that was provided by a studio.  I used this .AVI in the past (February-ish) to create a .FLV using Media Encoder with no issues.  I have to add a section to the original .AVI now.  When i import the video to the new project, the preview monitor does not show video, but the audio can be heard.  When trying to export as an .FLV it errors out and just says "Encoding Failed: Unknown Error".


      I can export the audio fine, but the video causes the error (when separated).  Thinking it was a corrupt file, I obtained original copies from the studio and tried again with no success.


      Premiere Pro CS4 V4.1

      Windows Vista x32 w/ SP2

      Centrino T9300, 3GB RAM, 160GB HD


      Any and all help is greatly appreciated.