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    Flash Client Review Videos

    Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

      During a crunch, I'm constantly asked to post Flash versions of our videos to our Website for clients to review progress at various stages. The videos always look better at the largest Flash size with the amazingly sharp "Full Screen" option. Client video review Web pages make a better presentation when they look like part of your Website, with your logo etc.


      Like a dummy, I had been wasting time doing this manually in Notepad cutting and pasting from the default Flash template to our Company video page HTML. Yesterday, I had a revelation and created my own Template (based on our existing corporate video template) that Flash Publishes directly into. Here is the article that explains how to publish Flash directly into your Webpage (locally) eliminating the need to cut and paste code:


      http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Flash/10.0_UsingFlash/WSd60f23110762d6b883b18f10cb1fe1af6-7bb4 a.html


      Really slick.