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    Can not update reader or acrobat to newest versions? Plz help


      Hello, I have 9.0.1 reader and acrobat on my Xp sp2 computer that came with it when i bought it.. Every time I try to install the newest updates. I keep getting NO Version is found and can not install update.  So I did not even try to install this new one because the last 2 updates I was unable to install the newest verions that came out over the last few years. What do I need to do so I can get the newest versions of reader and acrobat on my Xp sp2 computer so I will be protected??  

      And on my vista computer I have adobe reader and acrobat is 7.0.1.  I have not tried to install the newest version to 7.1.3 because i know I will get the same message as on my Xp.  So what do I need to do to install the 7.1.3 update on my vista home premium 32 bit computer too??  I hope some one can explain to me in easy to understand terms on what I can do so i can get the newset versions on my Xp and Vista computers?? Thanks for the help.   

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Adobe doesn't recommend having both Reader and Acrobat on the same computer. It causes problems as you may have noted. Acrobat 7 is not even vista compatible yet you insist on running it anyway. Uninstall all Acrobat and Reader software. Just install Acrobat 9, then update it to 9.1, 9.1.1 then 9.1.2. You can upload it on both machines as long as they are for your use alone AND you do not intend to use them simultaneously.

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            curt2007 Level 1

            Thanks for the good info.  I just guessed I had a both reader and acrobat but I was wrong. On the vista computer I have reader 7.0.8.  So how do I find the

            updates for reader 7.0.8 to the newest reader 7.0.??     And on Xp I dont have acrobat.  I just have 9.1.1 and each time I try to update to 9.1.2 it says version not found and I can not get the updates.!! And now the newest is 9.1.3, so How do I get what I need? and where do i find on adobe where to install the updates??  Do I have to uninstall the 9.1.1 from my Xp Sp2 computer and start over with the oldest version of reader or what??   And you said to uninstall the 7.0.8 reader on my vista then  install the 9.1.0.  So if I uninstall and reinstall reader will I get the newest verion 9.1.3 or do I have to find and install each version since the 9.1.0??  Where on adobe do I find the web pages to install each version if I have to install 9.1.0 then find 9.1.1 then find 9.1.2 then  find 9.1.3 to make sure I am up to date with the newest versions for protection??  thanks for answering my ?'s.