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    Animate with keeping transparent bg


      i have rendered off an animation of 100 frames in .png format .


      I open all frames into fireworks and ck box "open as animation"


      I want to save the file as animated .gif , while keeping the transparent bg ,


      once imported, I play the clip and it shows a transparent bg


      I hit file>save as>animated.gif  , but I'm left with a white bg


      what do I need to do , to keep my transparent bg and keep as high of quality as possible ?

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          lindan19994533 Level 4

          First, sdon't save it as an animated GIF. Export it as an animated GIF. Open the Optimize panel and set the export file format to Animated GIF. Select the number of colors, the indexed palette, etc., plus Transparency type. Since you have used a transparent canvas, choose Alpha transparency. One you have finished selecting the export settings, choose File > Export.

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