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    Filling other fields based on a dropdown box






      I'm completely new to LiveCycle and am just beginning to teach myself how to use it.


      Essentially what I want to do speed up the filling of a purchase order form by causing it to fill itself out based on what is put into other fields.


      For example, I would like our usual suppliers to be listed in a drop down box (I know how to do this, at least), and then have the address fields filled out automatically.


      I realize I can do this using javascript, but this is rather inconvenient because I don’t want to sit there putting 276 suppliers into my script. In addition, I don’t want to have to edit the script every time we want to add a new supplier.


      Is it possible to build a form that does this and can pull info off some other file or database? Also, I would like to make it fairly idiot-proof when it comes to adding new suppliers.