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    Deleting Actions in the timeline


      I have am having state transition issues in my project that may be related to the fact that I cannot delete timeline actions - more specifically, when I delete a move action in a particular state, it does delete, but when you exit out of the state and return to it, the same move action has been reinstated.  It is very odd.  In a previous post I mentioned that some state transitions work in the preview but not at runtime.  I noticed that the particular move actions that I am trying to delete are apparently affecting the runtime, but not the preview.  I think that when editing and rearranging my custom component, there are "ghost" actions that remain.  Has anyone noticed anything similar?  Thanks, Don

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          Hi Don,


          I've never seen this issue, but if you can reproduce it, I'd love to file a bug about it =).



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            I initially was getting what I'd call ghosting, but it hasn't happened for a few days.  I think it's because I'm using FC more appropriately than I was to start with.  I try to slow down a bit when I'm performing repetitive actions like button states, but I don't know if that made the difference or not.  I noticed yesterday that FC seems to have 'settled in'.  Fewer problems, but I'm certain that's user experience in my case.


            There were instances when my layer names would shift off the layers and stick out into the stage area.  The layers would then be blank (no name).  Refreshing the Artboard didn't help and at least once I saved them that way.  I should have sent that in, but it was a chaotic period of time and I blew past it.


            That hasn't happened since the weekend though, and I'm not sure why.  On Monday I had the thought that Adobe Elves updated FC while I was sleeping.