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    Trouble setting AIR desktop icon & app name - Any ideas?


      Hey all,


      I'm having a lot of trouble setting the desktop icon and application name for my Flex AIR application.  Here's what I've already done:


      1) Set the name & icon properties in my -app.xml file.

          <!-- Used as the filename for the application. Required. -->
          <filename>Enquisite Dashboard</filename>




          <!-- The icon the system uses for the application. For at least one resolution,
               specify the path to a PNG file included in the AIR package. Optional. -->


      2) Made a new folder in src called "icons" and put E-16.png, E-32.png, E-48.png, and E-128.png into it.  Here's what it looks like:




      3) Triple-checked the sizes of the icons (they are 16x16, 32x32, 48x48, and 128x128 like their names imply)


      4) Made sure "Copy non-embedded files to output folder" was checked in Properties -> Flex Compiler (this was a known bug)


      5) Cleaned it, saved it, did an "Export Release Build" (from project).  On the last page, made sure all four icons would be included in the exported AIR file:




      6) Installed the new Enquisite Dashboard application and got this for my application icon:




      I've been trying to find a solution since yesterday.  If anyone could give me any fresh ideas for things to try, I'd be very, very grateful 


      Oh, and if it helps, here are some of my specs:

      O/S: Ubuntu (Jaunty)

      Coding environment: Eclipse w/Flexbuilder & SVN add-ons


      Thanks, all!