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    New Forum Format

    Chuck Engels

      Does anyone know that you cannot move to pages other than page 1 unless you are logged in?

      It seems that are still a few glitches with this setup.  It still won't remember me and I have to log in everytime, one reason for not posting very often as it is a pain in the butt.


      I can see that there are additional posts on additional pages.  The options are 'Next' and then there are page options to click on as well '1', '2', ...

      When I click on them, not logged in, it does nothing.  When I am logged in and click on them it takes me to the next page.  Maybe this is by design but I wouldn't think so.


      Also, how do I get my old stats back?  I have had 1000's of posts since 2005 but my profile does not reflect any of that.



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          Kodebuster Level 3

          Chuck, some of the issues you are seeing are not unique to you.


          I have the same problem on logon where it won't remember me.


          Sometimes it will just log me off for no reason at all.


          I think Adobe is looking into some of this stuff, but it's hard to tell.


          I just hope they didn't pay too much to license this bear of a package, cause to be quite honest, it's not a pretty picture (IMHO).


          For the life of me I can't understand why they didn't use the Forum software package that Muvipix uses.


          Hopefully, sooner or later they'll get it right, or trash it and go back to what they had...

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            We are all still struggling with the new forum format and the nuances of it.


            I get logged-in about 3/4 of the time now. However, I may get kicked out, even if I just posted. The quickest was about 40 sec. after making one post, and when I went to make another - boom! Had to log-in again. Some days seem worse than others.


            I had not noticed that additional pages were not available unless one was logged-in. Seems counterproductive, as so many come here to read and research. I can see denying one the ability to post, without log-in, but to read after page 1? Now, what I hate is that if one is reading on say page 2, and they attempt to go back to page 2, regardless of whether they posted, used Back, or one of the navigational aides, they go back to page 1 in almost every circumstance. This makes catching up on posts beyond page 1 tough.


            There are a few things that I do like, such as the ability to attach an image, a video or even another file type. I like the Reply To, but find this implementation confusing. On most similar boards, when one opens a thread with new posts, all of the old ones are compressed and only the new ones are expanded. The "New Post" button is nice, but still falls far short. What if there were two new posts? You gotta' read them all to catch up. Bogus!


            As for your Adobe ID, there was a brief time, just before the changeover, when Adobe allowed one to use their old ID. Since I've been an Adobe user from long before the Internet, I had ended up with a couple of Adobe ID's. Some years back, I consolidated these, or so I thought. For a brief instant in time, I was actually able to see the dozens of Adobe programs, and their registration to me. Then, they all disappeared. Many years ago, I had chosen the screen name, the_wine_snob. It never took effect and I forgot it. When I verified my Adobe ID a few months back, it reappeared from the grave. I had even forgotten that it existed, as I had been "BILL HUNT" (back from the earliest Windows days, when all letters were capitalized), but now I'm the_wine_snob. I tried to change to Bill Hunt, but all variations of that were "taken." My guess is that my "consolidated" accounts somehow got split apart again. Some day, when I have the time, I will attempt to re-consolidate my accounts and maybe get my old screen name and my registration data back. It took about 3 hours on the phone last time, and there appeared to be no glitches, but then the forum changeover and things went south in a hurry. My guess is that your have another Adobe ID with your stats. I am shown as having joined the forum in 2002. Well, that was about 6 years after my first posts to the PS forum, and probably 3,000 posts gone missing.


            What I hate most are that older posts now show as dead links and this is for Google, Yahoo, et al, plus the Search feature is anything BUT a feature.


            The MOD's keep telling me that this is a work in progress, and I do believe them, but boy it could be better.


            I feel your pain,