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    "Early expiration"


      I downloaded the 30-day trial of Illustrator CS4, and happily began using it.  Ten days later, and deep in the middle of half a dozen projects -- for both myself and others; I am a free-lancer  -- I was informed my version had inexplicably expired.  After writing to Tech Support and talking to Customer Service reps "Donna" and her supervisor "Edwin" in India,  I was informed my subsequent options were either to buy the Illustrator software or buy another computer to download another trial version.  Donna and Edwin were rude and utterly unhelpful.  Edwin was even snarky enough to spell "early expiration" for me.  I was absolutely aghast.


      I have researched all I can find here, and I see only that resetting an internal computer clock will result in early expiration.  Which makes perfect sense.  But nothing has been reset on my computer.


      If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would suspect Adobe offers a 30-day-trial, and then yanks it after ten days, to force a sale.  Fortunately, I am not a consiracy theorist, and so I think there is some glitch with the trial which has resulted in my losing days of good work, and then being repeatedly dismissed and insulted when I tried to get an explanation and remedy. 


      Listen, I train new hires in Customer Service for a major US company. This is not Customer Service.  It is terrible, terrible PR for Adobe.


      Frankly, I think Adobe should apologize and send me the software gratis. 

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          Your other option would be to make a new partition with the OS on it or wipe your hard drive and reinstall everything fresh.


          I realize its inconvenient to have the app quit after 10 days of use. But is using that software for another 20 days going to help you decide whether or not it will suit your needs as a pro? and if you are making money on what you are doing is the cost of the software too much?


          Bottom line we are all users here, this is a User to User forum after all. If it were me I would have to be practical about it and ask myself did I like what I saw? if the answer was yes I would buy it and get on with my work.


          Make sure you use the uninstaller to remove the trial version before installing the retail version or you can purchase a license from Adobe online store. then they will send you a serial number by email.

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            I liked what I saw well enough until I was treated so badly.  I have learned from experience that poor customer service and/or tech support can make your life hell (witness: mine. today and yesterday.)   Adobe has the choice of having a satisfied customer who will sing their praises everywhere (including the internet), or someone who knew before she even bought the thing that, if something went wrong, she was utterly SOL (color me foolish, frustrated, and furious), or someone who is a lost customer who is spreading the word and warning others of Adobe's shoddy promises and service.  I'm happy to be the first, refuse to be the second, and am currently being the third.


            You are suggesting I completely forget everything I originally posted about.  "Practical"?  I don't see how it is "practical" to do business with a company with poor customer service and/or tech support. 


            I say again, I work in Customer Service, for a company rated in the top five Customer Service businesses in the U.S. by Business Week five years in a row.  I know what it takes to provide Customer Service.


            1.  It's not that much.  and


            2. if you want my money, you should be nice to me.

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              MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Rene,  I am sorry for your treatment. But here you are addressing fellow users. The attitude of the technical support staff was inexcusable. However, Adobe doesn't give technical support for trial software. The truth is if the trial ends early as it sometime does there is nothing anyone in Technical Support can do to help you. The copyprotection/licensing system just doesn't allow it short of wiping your hard drive or installtion on a different hard drive or boot partition.  Adobe's technical suppport used to be first rate. It isn't anymore, however their products are. If you need the software to do your job, I'd highly recommend you buy it. If you can find alternatives, try to determine if the alternatives can do the job you want. Then you will be in the position to make a final decision on which software you want to purchase.

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                Again this is a user to user forum. The only bad Adobe customer service I have experienced is from the Philippines. Does this stop me from using the software? No.


                So now the decision is yours. Your bad customer service experience with trial software will not stop people from buying Adobe software, no matter how much you bad mouth Adobe because the pros know its the best.


                If you don't buy the software you are the only one that doesn't get to use it. How many clients will use lose because of that? So as Mike says try and find something better or just buy the software. It will not affect Adobe one way or the other.

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                  I understand I am addressing fellow users.  And I am telling everyone

                  I possibly can that Adobe CUSTOMER SUPPORT was abysmal to me, and I

                  will not be doing business with them.  All Technical Support did was

                  forward me to Customer Support.  Again, I am not feeling heard.


                  SInce there is evidence that Adobe employees frequent these forums,

                  the story of my experience may find its way to someone who cares.  I

                  say again, I deserve to have the program gratis at this point.  I have

                  certainly told many, many people to avoid Adobe, and, you're right,

                  they have clearly allowed their reputation to deteriorate.


                  That's enough for me.  I will not be giving any money to Adobe.  I

                  liked the software, but I had it for only a third of the time it was

                  promised to me, made no headway in getting an explanation, and had

                  several days ruined by Adobe employees, with no remedy or restitution

                  offered.   Why in the world would I sign up for more of the same?  And

                  who does not get that?  (I am obviously not over your suggestion that

                  I just forget about my treatment, and be "practical."  I was shaking

                  my head about that the rest of yesterday, and began to wonder if I

                  were typing in a some mysterious invisible font.  And I love how you

                  now suggest I am not a "pro" -- and that most of Adobe's purchasers



                  It is important to me to support only businesses who stand behind

                  their promises, products, and service.  If we all did that (and there

                  are plenty of businesses who do operate that way), we would ALL get

                  better products and service.


                  No further response from you is needed, thanks.  You've made your

                  position clear.

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                    renegawlt wrote:


                    I understand I am addressing fellow users.  And I am telling everyone

                    I possibly can that Adobe CUSTOMER SUPPORT was abysmal to me, and I

                    will not be doing business with them.

                    Fine but if you need their software to work that's like cutting off your nose to spite your face. I told you I had crappy Customer service from the Philippines will I stop using Adobe software? No. As was mentioned by Mike there is no support for trial software. Never has been.

                    I deserve to have the program gratis at this point.

                    Yeah and Volvo should give me a new car because I had a flat tire. I really don't care if you buy the software or not and whoever tell how badly you were treated will take it with a grain of salt. Who knows maybe you acted like a jerk on the phone and you had it coming.


                    Like I said before enjoy brand X, whatever that is, to do your work.