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    Working with attachments

    MichaelChaize Adobe Employee

      Hi all,


      I have a simple question.


      I've designed a process with LCES 8.2.1. To start my process, I've setup "Task Manager" endpoint.


      The user can login within LiveCycle Workspace ES, start the process. It displays a Form Guide when the user can fill-in my form and add attachments. Then he clicks on Submit.


      What is need is to store the attachments in a variable to get the names of the files.


      I've noticed that when I add a "User" step in my workflow, I can assign a "list of documents" variable to the attached files of a task. It's working well.

      How to get the list of files attached by the user when this is the endpoint. I can't find any way to assign the attachments with a "list of documents" variable when I create the endpoint. I guess that the files are stored in a variable, but I can't find how to access them...