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    Contribute Architecture


      Hi, I am a member of an enterprise I.T. department and our communications director tells me a consultant has recomended she aquire Adobe Contribute because it will "allow me to update the text on the site without paying anyone and without messing with any HTML."  Sounds great right, but precious little on Adobe.com about how this might work when our web host has just MS IIS and not the Contribute server product. Do some feature depend on this server?  Also, our site is an old fashioned, static, part edited by hand in notepad, part in some consultant's Go Live, part in another consultant's Dreamweaver, hodge podge, etc....  Can Contribute deal with this old code mess without making it worse?


      Will someone point me to a document on the achitecture of Contribute and how the permisions are assigned?  I'm assuming it must create some kind of hidden database or files on the web server that Contribute will "see" and obey?  Can these permissions be edited by an Administrator without Contribute in a text editor?  Can Contribute just be pointed at an ftp site with html files and everything just magically works for an end user as it would in MS Word?


      Would appreciate any response since I forsee $200 going into the fireplace and end-user back to square one

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          I don't have the answers to all of your questions, but I'll try to answer some of them.  It sounds like your website is much like ours was before we started using Contribute a few years ago - some people were editing pages in Notepad, others in Netscape Communicator, others in FrontPage and one or two in Dreamweaver.  And few of our editors knew much HTML.  We were looking for software that our editors could use that was easy to learn/use (it looks a lot like Word) and where they did not need to understand HTML.  Contribute meets those parameters for us.


          Here's some info about our environment ... our web server is IIS hosted off-site which we connect to via FTP.  So, yes, Contribute can be pointed to an FTP site.  You also have the option of pointing to a web server on your network - which we do for our intranet.  We do not have the Contribute server product.  We have installed Contribute on desktops of users who will be editing web pages.


          From my experience, Contribute handles old code just fine and uses clean HTML.  What I mean by that is that it doesn't inject odd tags/code like FrontPage used to do (maybe FrontPage still does this, but I haven't used it in a long time).


          There is an administrator role within Contribute so that you can establish roles (access to certain folders and functions) for your users.  I do not know how this works "behind the scenes", but there are files that Contribute creates for this.  I have not tried to edit those files with a text editor.


          You may want to download the 30-day trial version of Contribute and see if it does what you need/want before you decide to purchase it.


          Good luck,