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    CS3 WMV encoding better than CS4 with AME?


      FYI - I am not going to mention audio here as I have not had any problems with it.


      I edit presentations (video headshots combined with slides with text, graphs, pictures etc) that are 15-60 min long. These all currently get posted online. We use WMV as we are rebuilding our site with lots of silverlight. I have 2 machines, one is running CS3 and the other is CS4. when I encoded things in CS3 (2 pass VBR@286avg 640x480) the thing comes out beautiful. Everything is legible and when it goes full screen it looks great for the bitrate. It takes 4X the video length to encode and I can't batch encode like AME in CS4. So an 30 min source takes 2 hours and basically locks that machine until it's done.


      When I choose the EXACT same settings in CS4 I get junk. Sure it takes a lot less time (that is mainly due to the processor, mem, etc) but it is nearly worthless. The only difference I can physically see is that CS3 uses WMEncodingHelper.exe and CS4 AME does not.


      Does anyone know of a way to use WMEncodingHelper in CS4? Yes I've read a ton of post with "push it to AVI and then encode with WME". I actually have Expression and that looks great. But again I am dealing with 15-60min videos that in AVI form take up jabba-the-hut sized storage. I am also trying to get a bunch done at a time. I don't mind leaving the machine on and letting it rip all night knocking out 5-6 presentations with AME but not if the quality is junk.


      Too many things I like about CS4 but how can the encoding be worse?


      Below are screen shots of the encoded videos and the settings.


      From CS3:



      From CS4 AME:



      Settings (from CS4 but I promise they are identical to CS3 I spent 4 hours today making sure it was the case):



      Any help would be appriciated.


      - Alan