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    Struggling to get raw files to open in Photoshop CS2


      Feeling foolish.


      Have new Canon 5D Mark II and shot first raw files. Went to open them in CS2 (my old 20D files opened fine there) and got error message.


      Came to adobe site, download new camera_raw.8bi, followed instructions to move it into right folder, archived old. Nothing. Same error. Checked the "Help > about plug-ins >" and it only shows the one raw.


      Went back to adobe site and looked into DNG converter (not sure why I need that -- can't I just open the files in CS2 like before?) and downloaded that zip (5.1). No instructions that I can find anywhere on what to do with those files. Dragged the .exe onto my desktop and fired it up, pointed it at one of the raw files and . .  . got an error "there was an error parsing the file."


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. In particular, I would like to be able to open the files in CS2, if possible.