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    functions and Undefined properties

    beatzMalone Level 1

      The entire script is attached


      Hey guys im trying to load some http url from an xml file into an actionscript function..


      Its xml gallery i was successfull in loading the pics the description but im stuck at the url....


      The XML file is structured this way....

      myDesc=" libero sed dapibus aliquet, quam risus luctus lacus, vitae tincidunt dui diam dictum mauris. Morbi tempor,  Nunc eleifend sapien ut odio pharetra eu aliquet eros fermentum. Proin et nisi vel risus eleifend pulvinar. "


      I need to place the on and offline links into a onclick button fuction in flash.


      so i imported the xml data it works fine for the title so i used the same code for the url


      here it is...

      allOnlinelink.push(element .@onlinelink);
              allOfflinelink.push(element .@offlinelink);


      the next function pulls the url of the current index


      var currentWeb:String = allOnlinelink[currentIndex];
          var currentCD:String = allOfflinelink[currentIndex];

      then i create a url request
          var Weblink:URLRequest = new URLRequest(currentWeb);
          var Cdlink:URLRequest = new URLRequest(currentCD);



      then i attach it to the onclick function


      function WebUrl(event:MouseEvent):void
      var req:URLRequest = new URLRequest(currentCD);



      I got error undefined Property currentCDim confused....help