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    Finding best alternative to droplets from Adobe ImageReady


      I need to do two things, one of which is better with Adobe Fireworks, and one which is better in ImageReady.


      1. Optimize an already pre-created Adobe GIF Animation

      2. Create a "Droplet" so another program can call this executable through command prompt, complete the optimization, all entirely automated


      My issue is I have another program creating GIF Animations through ImageMagick.  This software is what is compatible with our software and allows for full automation to create GIF Animations by a simple computer trigger.  I also need to have VERY SMALL GIF Animation files, which is impossible by ImageMagick standards (doesn't have the license to use LZW Compression).


      Once the GIF Animation is created by ImageMagick, I had been using an Optimization Droplet executable to have Adobe ImageReady trigger as soon as the GIF Animation from ImageMagick was created.  BAM, 38 kb animation down to 12 kb automatically.  Problem is, I need the smallest file possible.  Adobe Fireworks can bump that baby down to around 7 kb.  Unfortunately, Adobe Fireworks doesn't have nearly the same amount of automation as Fireworks.


      I can make a script, but when calling the script file, it needs user input to load which GIF Animation to load into Fireworks.  Is there anyway, through command prompt that I can fully automate the script and not have extra menus needing user input?

      The Droplet from ImageReady simply needed a command line:

      Optimization.exe     Animation.gif


      I haven't found an easy answer for Fireworks...if anybody knows a way to do this, I will be extremely grateful!