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    Adobe Flex Software Engineer Needed for Start-up Company in Pittsburgh, PA


      Flex Programmer/Developer/Coder – Pittsburgh, PA


      ComPePrice LLC is looking for Adobe Flex developer.



      * Requirements:

      • 1+ years experience programming with:
         o Object-oriented development in ActionScript 3.0/2.0 with Flex/Flash
         o Creating custom components using both MXML and ActionScript
         o Remoting data services such as Blaze DS
         o XML and schema definitions (XSD)
      • Knowledge of software lifecycle best practices including:
         o technical requirements analysis and documentation, source control systems, issue tracking systems, and testing & validation.
      • Attention to detail; ability to solve problems; ability to learn and adapt to different technologies.

      • Java, SQL, Relational database systems, and UML experience a plus.



      * Overview of ComPePrice.
      ComPePrice LLC, is a Pittsburgh-based online start-up company founded in 2007. The company is managed by 3 team members together with experts and advisors from professional industries and the Carnegie Mellon community. Currently, ComPePrice is the parent company of an online video sharing company providing users a collaborative environment to create, share, and organize content with their communities. ComPePrice hopes to shape the next era of online video sharing by offering tools for users and businesses to efficiently share truly informative videos.


      The management team is currently raising seed investment to gather an IT development team.


      * Products and Services:
      ComPePrice’s newly formed online venture will provide the following:


      • Products:
         o Video Mapping Tool: Our patent-pending online tool will enable users to collaborate to efficiently search and navigate and generate informative,    valuable videos.
         o Video Information: Using our patent-pending Video Mapping Tool, users will collectively create videos that eliminate redundant or meaningless videos, thus forming a knowledgebase for business partners.
         o Advertising Tool: Marketers can effectively promote their businesses by adding their marketing messages to the various channels available through our website and the Video Mapping Tool.


      • Services:
      We will provide customized or consultancy services to businesses who wish to utilize our Video Mapping Tool to their websites by means of licensing or subscribing to our service.


      * Divisions/Departments:
      Management Team (Strategy & Planning, Marketing, Sales) and IT Development Team (System Administration, Software Engineering, Database Management, Product Development)


      * Achievements:
      ComPePrice currently holds two patent-pending business methods,


      Interested, please send your resume to taesung@compeprice.com