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    systemManagerHandler bug with otherSystemManager event handling?

    cean Level 1

      I've run across an issue with PopUpManager & Alerts generating stack overflow errors.


      When I have multiple windows in AIR open with Alerts active, and I click on any window with out an alert, I get the stack overflow error.


      (Note: You have to open the multiple windows first .. then trigger the alerts. If you open a window 1 at a time, and trigger the alerts .. you get no stack overflow)


      Anyways .. I traced this down inside of systemManagerHandler to the function windowedManagerHandler


      In that function is a piece of code for handling events triggered from other system managers:


      private function systemManagerHandler(event:Event):void
              if (event["name"] == "sameSandbox")
                  event["value"] = currentSandboxEvent == event["value"];


      Notice in this code the last == ... that seems to be a coding error. If i change the line to  event["value"] = currentSandboxEvent = event["value"]; my stack overflow errors go away.


      Can anyone else confirm that this is indeed a coding error in systemManagerHandler ?