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    Captured/Imported video does not play in Project


      I have upgraded to CS4 from 1.5, so I have alot of adjusting to do.


      I have both captured footage and imported footage that I have brought to Premiere CS4, but it does not actually play the footage correctly.


      For imported footage, it simply plays the audio when I press play, but the picture will either be black or will simply be paused on 1 frame as the audio continues.


      For Captured video it is a similar problem, but a little different. It will play audio and have a frozen picture in 1 place, but the audio playing seems to be from a completely different section of the video. And there is a part at the very beginning of the captured video where when I press play, the audio plays correctly, but the video fast forwards incredibly fast, then suddenly pauses on 1 frame and then becomes stuck.


      I have tested these video clips on my media player, and they are working fine on there.


      Any help that anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!