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    How to have adobe 7.0.5 along with adobe 8


      My laptop is Dell. Its OS is Vista. Already, adobe 8 is loaded. For my professional purpose I have to use adobe 7.0.5 extensively. when I tried to install the same, I was prompted that since I had already adobe 8 the earlier version could not be installed.

      How do I install 7.0.5.

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          Swati_S Level 1

          What is the product you are using? Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader?


          In case of Adobe Acrobat if you want both versions installed simultaneously, follow these steps:


          1. Uninstall Acrobat 8.

          2. Install Acrobat 7.0.5.

          3. Then install Acrobat 8.


          In case of Adobe Reader, it is not possible to have both versions installed simultaneously.