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    Exporting to .mov issue - "lift/gain/gamma raise"

    shooternz Level 6

      I have read up a fair bit on this matter and understood about 20% of it...but not yet seen the"solution offered.


      Known issue when Exporting to .mov is the "lift/gain/gamma raise"  in the image.


      (Easily demonstrated - export both a high quality (uncompressed) avi and a qt. from same clip)


      Comparing the  same frames in a waveform monitor will show the issue clearly.  It makes a big difference that only becomes apparent once the media is broadcast..


      Anyone able to suggest a solution better than what I am already trialling. (a plug in or a more elegant solution maybe)


      I am testing recent work by applying the Premiere Gamma Filter Effect to  drop the gamma prior to exporting ie crush the gamma approx 10- 12 units.


      I dont want to hear anti QT thoughts!  I am stuck with a workflow through to broadcast that must include QT processing.

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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          Unlike you, I have seen a solution posted in these forums recently. If I recall correctly it involved removing the gamma flag from the Quicktime file before importing it into PPro.

          As always, Google is your friend.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            You have a good memory. The article was posted about five weeks ago, by a young lady, IIRC. She even gave instructions on the removal of the flags.




            [Edit] I think that this is the ARTICLE. If not, check for links to others within.

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              jonhand Level 1

              Much of my work is broadcast these days, and TV channel wants Avid50 (Quicktime) file. This gamma issue prevents me from rendering straight out of Adobe Media Encoder in ANY quicktime codec.I've not used the Guicktime GammaStripping utility as mentioned by others.


              My workaround is to render out an uncompressed avi, bring it into AfterEffects, and then render that out to a Quicktime codec. Works perfectly, no gamma problem. I do this with 5-minute jobs as well as 30-minute jobs.


              By the way, I now use uncompressed avi as my intermediate. Yes, large files, but absolutely no problems. My PCs handle them well. No need for anything else. I always get the work out on time...

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Thank you for sharing your workflow. I am certain that it will help others in the future.



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                  shooternz Level 6

                  Thanx Guys.


                  I also use uncompressed avi intermediates in Premiere and AEFX and they do not exhibit the issue.  Problem is I then have to pass those through a QT (FCP / Kona)) workflow when I master them to tape at the post house.


                  I will take a look at Gamma flags in QT ( sounds promising)


                  FWIW - I am mastering 2 x TVCs today and will see if the "Gamma Effect I mentioned has any viability as a workflow - easy fix


                  @ Eddie.  Because of access "issues" to this screwed up Adobe Forum..  I have avoided it for sometime and consequently missed certain threads.   I have seriously Googled the issue in the past and been swamped with complex technicalities...but no simple solutions.(ie your advice was not as helpful as usual).

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                    shooternz Level 6

                    I just found this...


                    Cut /Pasted from previous thread...



                    To work around this issue, Frantic Films Software "created a small tool that strips the 'gama' tag out of offending quicktimes. It's a very simple tool which operates on all the file names and folders given to it."

                    This QuicktimeGammaStripper utility (for Windows) disappeared in the last few months, but it popped up here http://rapidshare.com/files/124507779/QuicktimeGammaStripper.zip




                    Has anyone tried it?


                    I have just downloaded it and will do a trial.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      Thanks for posting that. No, I've not done much with MOV export, so have yet to find a need.


                      Good luck, and trust me, I feel your pain about the fora, but life goes on. Let us know if it all works for you.



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                        shooternz Level 6

                        I have just finished my tests.


                        I output .movs  - 720p HD  QT Component 24 bit (one with and one without the Premiere Gamma Correction Filter set at 12 units)


                        I also exported an avi as a reference and that is how I determined the amount of gamma correction to apply.  (avis do not exhibit this gamma issue at all  which makes them ideal for intermediate work.)


                        We ingested both movs into FCP and exported them out to tape thru the KONA card.  (BTW - the techos now conceded there was an issue with qt gammas after seeing the 2 movs and the avi)


                        The Gamma Corrected mov file was obviously the one to use.


                        (Cant really be bothered with the Gamma Stripper workflow now I have a simple "quick and dirty" solution. and also....why correct an issue. Lack of detail is always going to be lack of detail once the image is exported.)


                        FWIW - Visually ...the issue has manifested it self with many broadcast TVCs (including mine) displaying highlight and skin blooms and desaturated mid/skin tones and slightly desaturated blacks.   Because I only am intimate with my own images (that I also shoot as well as post produce) I knew they had an issue.


                        I think I have it sorted at  my end of the workflow  now at least..


                        Another point.   Some workflows  eg BackDraft... include a gamma control on importing files (2.2 to 1.8 and vice versa.)


                        Hope this helps some one.