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    FLV in SWF in Director MX 2004 Issue

      I did a search, but couldn't find a response to this issue.

      I have SWF running in a sprite in Director MX 2004. The SWF includes an FLVPlayer component with a "SteelExternalPlayMute.swf" skin and links to an external FLV. (Flash files are version 8. All resources are in the same folder.) The visibility of the FLV Player is set to "false" in SWF and I have a button in the SWF to set the visible to "true" and play the FLV. This all works correctly in the SWF and when I "PLAY" the Director movie in production, but the FLV won't appear and "PLAY" in the Director Published EXE, but WILL do so if I pull the ""SteelExternalPlayMute.swf" out of the folder.

      Something in the Flash component skin isn't working in the Director EXE because the Actionscript to play the FLV does work when the skin is removed from the folder. Even the visibility script works fine and the video plays.

      Any ideas on how to fix this issue? Does anyone have experience with this issue? Is it simply an incorrect SWF import setting or resource?