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    PE4 crashes when working with MP4 videos


      Hello everyone - just got a new Samsung HMX20 camera - shoots in full HD and creates clips in MP4 format.  I did a few tests on the cam before shooting about 111 clips today, totaling approximately 30 minutes of video.


      The test worked great, looked CLEAR and fabulous.


      I started PE4 and captured all the clips just fine.


      However, when I try to import more than about 10 clips into a new project in PE4, it crashes (no warning or message) and goes to a blue screen, then my computer restarts.


      System Specs: 1 month old HP Pavilion DV7, AMD Turion Dual-Core 2.10 GHz, 4.0 GB, 64 bit system, 184 GB free of 284.


      I have a backup drive I could use if needed, but not sure if it would help - I figured it would be better to have everything on the C drive...  Although perhaps that is naive of me.


      Any thoughts?  This is for a client project, so any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!  If you have any questions to help your understanding of the issue, feel free to ask.


      I have used PE4 successfully with my older Panasonic cam (not HD), and this issue has never presented until now, when trying to work with numerous clips.


      I will also post this over at movipix.