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    pdf attachments to windows mail won't open correctly


      pdf attachments to emails won't open. I'm using Vista Ultimate 64. The attachments want to open in system 32, and error message says to "set associations." Set asociations is already set to reader 9.1 (which I just updated to 9.2 in an attempt to get it to work). It shouldn't make a difference whether the document was created on a 32 bit or 64 bit computer. I tried saving the attachment but something converted it to a .doc format. When I tried to open it I got pages full of code (in WordPad) not a formatted page.  Current documents saved in pdf open as they should as long as I open them from the document file. I don't know whether it is windows, windows mail or some other program that is responsible for this. Documents downloaded from websites work fine. Has anyone else encountered the same problem? How do you fix it?