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    Prompt the user for some responses in a dialog

    Rocky H

      Hi all,


      I want to create a kind of dialog box containing some questions which need to be replied by user.I have tried to use app.response() method, but it can only show one question and one entry field (for the user to reply the question) at a time.


      By using this method, if I have 10 questions which need to be replied by user, I should use this app.response() method ten times respectively.


      Could I create one dialog window that can show several questions and entry fields in it?

      So the user could replied all questions at only one dialog window.



      My second issue, entry field in dialog box that showed using app.response() method is just a regular textbox field. Could I create a dialog window for getting user inputs that can use dropdown field as entry field, instead of textbox field?



      Any help is appreciated


      Thank you.



      Kind regards,