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    Bram Van Oost

      Hi Flexers,


      When I press a certain button, I do two things:

      - disable the button

      - open a popup with a form


      When I hit cancel on that form, the button should be enabled again.


      Both the functions and the popup window information are in seperate files (components/files).

      When I add a function to the cancel button (in the seperate file), it doesn't recognise it.


      Anyone that can help me with this?

      Thanks a bunch!

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          what you need is a callback function - in the callbackfunction you can then enable the button again

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            Bram Van Oost Level 1

            Hi Benji,


            Thanks for your reply!

            Would you happen to have direction/an example?


            Second thought:

            I noticed in some examples that the 'main window' (so below the popup) gets blurred out and has no functionality while the popup is present.

            This would fix everything and erase the need to disable the button. How do I do this?


            Yes, kinda new at Flex. :-)

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              Benji2008 Level 1

              actually I cant find a good example to demonstrate it :s


              but here is how it should work:


              Bare with me as I havent tested it at all..


              //as Last parameter add a function, like so:


              //the callbackfunction


              public function onDialogComplete():void


              //enable your button again here




              in your popup class

              * define a property that is a function

              * accept a parameter that is the function

              * in the that constructer set the property you made above equal to the new incoming function parameter


              then in the function your done - so I guess when you clicked cancel - check if the function != null - then do the callback

              - call the function you made


              so ..


              private var _callbackfunction:Function = null;




              callbackfunction = onDialogComplete;



              //in the function that you want to do the callback

              public function close():void


              if (callbackfunction != null)






              err might look a bit unclear but if it really still is, post the lines of code that refer to your popupmanger

              and post the popupmanger and Ill try to fix it for ya

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                Gregory Lafrance Level 6

                Define a close handler for the popup, and refer to the other component through the main app:


                mx.core.Application.application.myOtherComp.myButton.enabled = true;


                If this post answers your question or helps, please mark it as such.

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                  Bram Van Oost Level 1

                  Thanks a lot for your enthousiasm, Benji and Greg.

                  Looking at the code I think it'll be quite transparant and I should make it work, but due to deadlines it'll take a while before I can apply it.


                  I'll mark the issue as solved, hopefully, it actually will be! :-)


                  Thanks again, really appreciate the support.