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    Blank page when opening pdf doc




      When I open a pdf document from the web in internet explorer 8 on windows 7, I get a blank page, then a little box with ok

      screenshot 1.pngI have to press ok, then still have blank page so press F5 before document will be seen.


      can anyone please advise. Thanks

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          It seems to be an error in combination with Windows 7.


          I've got the same issue, doesn't matter, which browser I use. And as I read, we are not the only one with that kind of problem.

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            I have the same problem. When I try to open a pdf file on a web page in IE7 running on Windows XP it opens a blank page. with "Done" in the bottom left alongside a Warning Icon. Clicking this reports Object expected.

            Sometimes I can save the target to my desktop and view the pdf file, in other cases such action is prohibited by the host. I had no problem until recently. I have tried F5 with no affect. I have file type PDF set to open with Acrobat Reader 9.1.

            I also have Acrobat Reader 4 and Nuance PDF Creator installed on my PC and after changing the file association I get the same problem with these.

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              Glad someone else was having the same issue. Using F5 worked perfectly. I'd get the blank window and then the blank pop-up with OK being the only selection. I hit OK and then F5 and it downloads the document and opens in the blank window. I saw an old MSFT KB that pointed to the secruity level in IE being to high. Haven't tried playing with browser settings yet, but I'm sure it's an IE8 thing as opposed to Windows7. Am on Windows 7 with IE8 and was trying to open a pdf from concur expense management system.

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                nosmada Level 1

                Hi all,


                It seems that with updates from windows and adobe the problem has been resolved, I certainly do not have the problem anymore

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                  hpropper Level 1

                  Yeah. Noticed that this morning as well. I don't seem to have to hit F5 anymore.