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    PDF Generator and Linux



      my LC ES Server 8.2 SP2 (incl. Pdf Generator ES) is running under Linux and I want to get this service working. Testing a .doc, .txt, .jpg with the Workbench (CreatePDF2) as well as with the adminui produces a ALC-PDG-001-000-Error. Although I've installed OpenOffice on the server and set the OpenOffice_PATH environment variable to the install directory (/usr/lib/ooo-2.0/) and not to the executables how it is described in the manual. I think that all the other actions described in the manual are not needed/possible (installing Acrobat and configuring default printer).

      What I'm not sure about ist whether under Linux it is also necessary that the install user is the same as the user running the application server (JBoss).

      The HTMLToPDF conversion produces the same error - Trying it with an URL or a HTML file.


      Is there anything that I can do to get PDF generating working???


      Thanks for your help.