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    TOC/Index/Search pane empty

      Hi. I created WebHelp from my RoboHelp project, and got no errors; the webhelp displays just fine on my own computer.

      I zipped the entire webhelp directory and sent it to my client, who then copied the files to the website, linking to the what I assume is the main webhelp file (at least, when I double-click that file on my own computer, the entire webhelp opens, including the "welcome" page and a fully-functional TOC/Index/Search pane.

      However, accessing that same file on my client's website displays the topic text, and an empty TOC/Index/Search pane, but no topics listed on the TOC tab, and nothing listed on the Index tab, etc.

      what could cause this, and how can we fix it?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          What browser are they using? Might have an impact.

          Also was the help generated using the Mark of the Web option introduced in RH6. If so and they are viewing the help on a local drive rather than a server they will have some problems but a complete failure to display the TOC etc. Do they get a yellow bar across the screen?

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            tw45 Level 1
            Hi. It simply can't be the browser -- because *I* am using the same browser to a) view the generated webhelp on my machine and b) view the webhelp after they have uploaded it to their website. It looks/functions fine on my local machine, but the TOC/Index/Search tab is not populated with any project data when viewed at the website URL. But I'm using the very same browser in both cases. The project was not generated using the Mark of the Web option.
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              It could be the browser. If you are both viewing with Firefox but they have the Firebug add-on installed and you don't, that could be the cause. That's why I asked about browsers.