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    Mouse pointer change?

    Paal Joachim Level 1



      I am going through the Getting started tutorial: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashcatalyst/articles/get_started_with_flash_catalyst_05.html


      I noticed that the mouse does not change on a rollover but stays the same. Do I have to do something to get it to change to a finger?




      Paal Joachim

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          Kevin Rommen

          you can easily add this in Flash Builder by adding the code below to your button (or other component) :





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            Paal Joachim Level 1

            Thanks for your reply!


            I am at the start phase in testing Catalyst. Do I really need to download Flash Builder to make the cursor change or can I somehow add this code directly into the code window in Catalyst? Or is there some other easy magic to make the cursor change? It seems such like a small thing that should work just out of the digital box.


            Paal Joachim

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              Kevin Rommen Level 1

              currently you can't change code in Catalyst so you have to download this indeed. In the future this could change i guess. It will probably also becoma feature in the near future. But all other things aside i do believe that Catalyst without Builder is like a car withoud it's engine. In order to make your Catalyst project working fine, doing all kinds of database and business logic stuff, and really deploy it you will have to use Flash Builder. Catalyst ain't magic

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                Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

                Kevin's right -- to build any significant project, with authentication, DB or web service connectivity, etc., you will need to write a bunch of code.  Flash Builder is the ideal tool for that, but of course you don't need Builder to write Flex code since Flex is an open-source framework.


                That said, ideally you should be able to do something as simple as setting a hand cursor on an object in Catalyst without having to write any code at all.  Hopefully that will be possible in our next public beta.


                - Peter

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                  Kevin Rommen Level 1

                  Indeed! Flex is open source which is great. For everyone definitely check out the Open Screen Project from Adobe, here open source initiatives are pushed so the whole community can go more cross-media and we all can create even better rich application on every form of media.


                  You could develop in Eclipse (Flash Builder is based on this software) or even in notepad; but i wouldn't recommend this. The advantage of Flash Builder that it's created especially for this code so your productivity is boosted.