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    Error with run project in Firefox.

    Paal Joachim Level 1



      When I try to run the project with the default browser Firefox I get An Adobe Flash Player Security error. I can click continue or settings. With continue it opens the project with a blue rounded square, which does not look anything like what I was trying to run (nothing is clickable).

      With settings it goes on to an url which quickly jumps to: http://www.adobe.com/special/errorpages/404.html


      I have seen this Adobe Flash Security error before in Firefox when I have had embeded a youtube file into a html page but then I have clicked continue and it has worked.


      I have opned the run-local folder and draged the html page into Firefox and the same error has come up.


      It works fine in Opera and Safari.


      Paal Joachim

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          bruce_adobe Adobe Employee

          That's strange. A lot of us on the Catalyst team us Firefox, and do not have this problem.


          Is it possible that the Flash player in your Firefox installation is a different version than the one in your other broswers?

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            Paal Joachim Level 1

            I updated to the newest mini dot update of Firefox, and installed Flash Player 10.


            I believe I was using version 9 (not sure though), and that for whatever reason I was not able to run the project in Firefox, even though it worked in Opera and Safari.


            I am happy to see that updating the Flash Player makes it possible for me to run the project in Firefox.






            A side note to the other error I was having with Flash Player:

            The other error with the Flash Player (only locale - not remote/on the nett) was with embeding a youtube video into a html page.

            I am still getting the error in Firefox. I also tested the page with Opera and Safari and am getting the same error there. I am attaching the error dialog box I am receiving. This has nothing to do with Catalyst but since I mentioned it earlier I am following up.



            Have a great day!


            Paal Joachim

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              Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

              SWFs that you create with Flash Catalyst require Flash Player 10, so that version discrepancy definitely does explain the first error you were seeing.


              The second error might be the result of security sandboxing -- SWFs can't have both access to local files on your disk and web content at the same time.  To see if this is the problem, you can try using File > Publish to SWF and then uploading the "deploy" copy to a web server.  If the app works from the server but gives errors when run locally, then the error is likely due to security restrictions.


              - Peter

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                Paal Joachim Level 1

                Thanks for the info! Nice to know why the error came up!

                Have a great weekend!


                Paal Joachim