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    Time Remapping, Flicker Stutter


      Hi There, I've had a look around the forums and searched online with no luck, wondering if you guys could help out.


      I am working on a project that makes frequent use of time remapping, it's been working flawlessly up until today, for no apparent reason all of my time remapped clips in my sequences now flicker when they are at 100% velocity.  I'll try and explain in more detail.


      If my clip jumps from 300% to 100%, in the final footage (Exported as PAL DV Widescreen, 25fps, 100%, Lower First) the 100% footage will appear to flicker, or it seems more like the motion blur has stuck on.


      I have just re-visited the project today after doing other things for a few days, the exported footage from a few days ago is perfect and the only change I can think of was the recent Premiere Pro CS4 update I downloaded and installed, other than that there have been no changes to the sequences or export settings.





      Many thanks in advance for any help




      UPDATE:  Having looked into this further it just gets stranger and stranger, in one clip the velocity goes up to 300% then down to 100% where the footage is perfect, then back up to 300% and down to 100% where to footage seems to have motion blur applied to it and is very stuttery.


      Using the timeline indicator and scrubbing over the first 100% the footage is crisp, scrubbing over the next 100% shows the motion blur applied.