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    set visible=false in Label not removing its space in screen

      Hi All,

      I have three labels ony by one having width=100% for all.
      For some reason, now I want to make 2nd label invisible in the screen.
      So I set visible="false" for the 2nd label. Now I cannot the see the text displayed by the 2nd Label, but I can see the space occupied by the Label.

      I mean that, now i am getting the first label text, and have blank row which has the text earlier, but not now and thrid row with 3rd label text.

      Also I checked that, if I set the height of the 2nd Label to 0 then also its not completely removing the 2nd row, only possibility I found was completely comment the code for the 2nd Label is the only way to hide the 2nd row :)

      Any help would be appreciated.