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    Flex and python on IIS

    freevryheid Level 1

      I need to move a Flex app from Apache to IIS. Sounds simple right? The flex app is a front-end to collect info from the user. This info is used to query a database. Data is extracted and some statistical analysis (linear regressions) run on these data after which the solution is tabulated and charted on the flex front-end. Python via pyamf is used to connect to the database server and the scipy/numpy python modules are used for the data analyses.


      My question is how do I set this up on IIS. I'd feel more comfortable using ISAPI instead of CGI scripts (based on some PHP experiences). How stable is the python ISAPI extension for IIS - from feedback on the web I understand it is buggy. I also thought about installing a coldfusion server - this would be great for the database connectivity and flex interaction but will I be able to use it to communicate with my python scripts. Any suggestions from others that have gone down this road are appreciated. Thanks.