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    new LoadVars() Working to a point???

    DazFaz Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      Im having a small problem with a connection class Im trying to create:


      class checkForInternetConnection {
      public var myConnection:LoadVars;
      public function checkForInternetConnection(domainToCheckForConnection:String) {
        myConnection = new LoadVars();
        myConnection.onLoad = function(success:Boolean) {
         if (success) {
          return true//<<----------------------------------------------HERE IS THE PROBLEM. Just not returning anything
         } else {
          return false//<<----------------------------------------------AND HERE. Just not returning anything

      I want to return a true false statement back to the root then this class is called e.g. if(new checkForInternetConnection("http:www.google.co.uk")) blah blah


      the problem is that when the connection is made no values are returned.


      Yet, if i take the function out of the class and run it on the main timeline, the thing works!!!!


      Does anyone have any ideas here.


      Thanks in advance.