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    Blu-ray creation causes windows blue screen crash

    Stuart K Donald

      I am testing Premier Elements 7 for the creation of best quality DVD and Blu ray disks. Source is AVCHD 1920x1080i and I have managed to create a number of DVD's and one Bluray without problem. My latest trial creating a Bluray disk failed at about 98%, burn in progress with a Device Error message. This resulted in a blue screen windows crash. Far more worrying is if I re-insert that BD RE disk back into my PC to erase it and try again, it immediately prompts a Blue screen windows crash, so I guess the disk is ruined. I have previously used Premiere Pro, Ulead and more recently Cyberlink Power Director and Sony Vegas. The quality of the DVD footage produced by Premier is far superior and the Bluray output was also excellent. Cyberlink has proved to be a good package appart from the poor quality of re-rendered output. Sony Vegas Pro seems the only one to recognise raw AVCHD footage and opt not to recompress it!!! The Movie Studio version doesn't appear to do this, however, I have only had a limited go at the trials. I had narrowed my choice to upgrading to Adobe Premier, or the cheaper Elements 7 which suits my requirements for home movies, however, a major windows crash, which I tend never to get has got me running scared. Why o why is there not a burn to hard disk option for Bluray creation as for DVD? Has anyone experienced a similar problem - any ideas as to what I could try?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          A BSOD situation normally indicates something is wrong systemicly with the computer. It can be either software (usually OS), or hardware related.


          The first thing that I would do would be to gather all info on your system and list full OS, version, updates, etc., and all hardware specs. Something in those lists might provide a clue.


          Next, I'd look carefully at Event Viewer, especially at the System and Applications tabs. Look for yellow warning messages at the time of the BSOD, and especially the red error messages. It might be easier to invoke a BSOD, so you will know the exact time and date of the crash. Study each yellow and each red message carefully. Many might not yield much useful info, but some might tell you a lot of about what is happening, and may even give you the cause. Please explore every link that is offered in each of these messages. They should take you to either the MS site, or to the site of a software, or hardware company. These will likely be where you'll gather the most important data.


          Here's what to look for in Event Viewer:


          Event Viewer 01.jpg


          Give us any details found there.


          Also, see this LINK. The video is a bit long, but will furnish you with a lot of troubleshooting tips, and also tools from MS. Make notes of these tools and their use.


          Good luck,



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            Stuart K Donald Level 1

            Many thanks for the suggestions. My PC is certainly in line for replacement and probably not really up to the task of AVCHD editing. Hanging on for Windows 7 to be launched as I had a nightmare with Vista and Windows 7 certainly seems a lot better in the RC version. Will also consider a switch to 64 bit windows for video editing for my next PC. I think patience is my best option as all AVCHD video editing software has improved so much in the past year. 12 months ago it was no go on all fronts! I may stick to burning to DVD and keep my projects so that I can burn to Blu-ray at a later date. I will certainly try doing the prerendering you suggested, though I think the crash occured during burning as my BD RE disk has been left damaged. As I mentioned before, shame there is no burn to disk option for Blu-ray. I use this technique with Cyberlink Power Director which produces fairly good Blu-ray output but fairly poor DVD results.


            Thanks again

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              Stuart K Donald Level 1

              Great news, 15 minute Blu-ray at 1920x1080i created with no errors! Followed your tip checked Event Viewer which indicated errors with Microsodt SQLServer and Skype at the time of my previous BSOD. Rebooted PC then switched both of these off before making a successful burn. The video has an intricate slide show imported from a file created in Cyberlink Power Director which used about 50 full digital camera 4224x2376 resolution images approximately 4-5 MB each. Seeing other posts about possible problems with slide shows with large images I first deleted the slide show from the project and did a successful burn. I was pleasantly surprised when my latest burn worked complete with slides. I guess the slide show had already been well compressed by Power Director before I used it in PRE. The output quality is fantastic, no artifacts at all, seems VERY close to the original footage which is what I was looking for. One small difference between a burn to DVD and Bluray. The DVD returns to the menu after the last scene and the Blu-ray just stops. Not a problem, maybe something to do with my markers I will see how other projects behave. My PC has an Athlon 64 x2 4200+  2.2 GHz processor with 2GB RAM and Vista SP1 so is not that powerful and the burn took 3 hours ( over double that when I tried H264 compression which doesn't seem to be worth the additional wait!). I will go Windows 7 64 bit for my next PC, so hope Adobe will release a 64 bit version of PRE in due course. I know I could use Premier CS4 and Encore but I like the quick simplicity of PRE auto menus which work fine. In the days of using Reel DVD I had to import layered photoshop files to create menu buttons - very flexible but also quite time consumming and complicated!! Looking for ease of use these days!


              Many thanks for solving my problem.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Great news! Thank you for reporting back with the details of your Project and also your success.