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    Reversing transitions?

    Paal Joachim Level 1



      I am following the Getting started tutorial on Eco tours: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashcatalyst/articles/get_started_with_flash_catalyst_06.html


      I have made a transition in the timeline. Is there a way to reverse the timeline transitions without having to create a new? Click something it opens smoothly, close something it closes with the same transition in reverse.




      Paal Joachim

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          i was under the impression that states all have to and from transitions, haven't yet got that far myself though.


          on the left side of the timeline you should see something like page01 > page02


          if you click your page02 state then your box will have a transition list that says page02 > page01.  by clicking that you load the transition timeline for going backwards, and then you just need to tie that reverse effect to a button... i think hehehe


          once i meddle further i might come up with something.  i'll post back if i find an answer.

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            Tvoliter Adobe Employee

            Hi Paal,

                There is currently not an automatic way to reverse the contents of a transition. In the present build you will need to manually build each transition going both directions.


            The ability to aumatically create a the transition B > A given that you have already defined A > B is a common request I am hearing. I am hoping this feature can be added to a future beta release.



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              Paal Joachim Level 1

              Thank you (both of you) for the reply!


              Have a great day!


              Paal Joachim